Oz the Great and Powerful – A Brief Review and FREE Activity Sheets

Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful opened today.  Did you see it?  Do you plan to?  My 18-year-old daughter and I have been counting down the days.  Today, along with both of my boys, we went to see it.  I was not impressed with the last live action film that I watched in 3D, so I was very hopeful that I would like this one better.  I was not disappointed!  The 3D effects were fabulous!  Instead of detracting from the film, they definitely enhanced it.  I’m pretty sure I screamed out loud at least once.  I also uttered “oooh” and “cool” and “wow” a few times too.  We all enjoyed the 3D effects, especially early in the movie when “Oz” escaped from Kansas in a hot air balloon.  The anticipated transition from black and white to color was beautiful.

I wondered how an Oz prequel would measure up to the much-loved Wizard of Oz with Judy Garland as Dorothy.  The story line of Oz the Great and Powerful seemed very reasonable to me and laid out the “future” characters of Oz, Glenda, and the Wicked Witch very nicely.  The flying monkeys were definitely scarier (at least to me), but the porcelain doll and the monkey assistant were charming additions.

I won’t reveal anything more.  But, since I’m on Disney’s blog media list and they sent some activity sheets, I wanted to share them with you!  The images below are THUMBNAIL size.  It will take up a lot of space to put the full size images in this post; but, if you want them, I will add them later.  Please just let me know by leaving a comment and I will get it done.  :o)  You can also save them and use a photo editing program to re-size them.  I use Photoscape (which is totally FREE) for a lot of things that I need to post here and at Martinsville Macaroni Kid.  My only caution about Photoscape is that you don’t say “yes” to any of the special offers.  That way, you’ll only get the Photoscape download and not other stuff that you don’t need.  Also, each time you open Photoscape, you will have the option to “upgrade”.  Again, just ignore this.  It is an attempt to get you to install the special offers.