I Have Used Educational Books for Sale!

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All Books are in GOOD condition, unless otherwise noted.  Payment may be made via PayPal or personal check.  Please send an email to Cara Riggles at cararigs(at)hotmail(dot)com to request items.  Once we have come to an agreement regarding which items you want and how much it will cost, I will provide payment details. Shipping is FLAT RATE of $5.00 for ONE book.  I will add $1.00 for each additional book ordered.  For example: 2 books = $6.00 for shipping; 3 books = $7.00 for shipping; etc.

If I have more than one book by the same (homeschool) publisher, I have listed the books by publisher.  Otherwise, they are listed by subject.



1)      Grade 3 Reading Set:

  • Reading Book 3A: Once Upon an Open Book (Gently Used)
  • Reading Book 3B: Not So Very Long Ago (Gently Used)
  • Worktext Answer Key (Still in Shrinkwrap)
  • Separate Worktext (not included) is required if you want the student to do exercises based on the reading lessons.
  • PRICE for the Set:  $30.00

2)      French 1:

  • Activities Manual, Teacher’s Edition
  • Still in Shrinkwrap
  • PRICE: $15.00

3)      Spelling Grade 2:

  • Student Workbook (New)
  • Paperback
  • PRICE: $7.50

 4)      Science 3:

  • Activity Manual, Answer Key (New)
  • Spiralbound
  • PRICE: $7.50



  • First Steps; Hardback.  PRICE:  $2.00
  • Days Go By; Hardback.  PRICE:  $2.00
  • A Hive of Busy Bees; Paperback; Effie M. Williams.  PRICE: $1.00
  • God’s Protected World, Science 3, Teacher’s Manual; Hardback.  PRICE: $3.00
  • Social Studies, Grade 3: Understanding Our Community; Hardback.  PRICE: $2.00


  • Literature: Of Places (Grade 8), Teacher Test/Quiz Key; Paperback.  PRICE: $1.00
  • World Atlas & Geography Studies of the Eastern Hemisphere (Grade 7), Teacher Key; Paperback.  PRICE: $1.00



Planet Exile; Josh Burk; Maven of Memory Publishing; Paperback Fiction. (This book is signed by the author “to” my daughter.)  PRICE:  $2.00



The Lifeguard’s Locker: A Parent/Teacher Manual for Jump In (A workbook for reluctant and eager writers); Paperback; Sharon Watson; Apologia Educational Ministries.  PRICE:  $2.00

Rules of the Game: Grammar Through Discovery 1; Paperback; Mary Page, Peter Guthrie, Sloan Sable; Educators Publishing Service. PRICE:  $3.00

Dr. Maggie’s Phonics Resource Guide: Lesson Plans and Teaching Strategies for Phonics Instruction; Grades Pre-K to 1; Paperback; Margaret Allen; Creative Teaching Press.  PRICE: $2.00



Electrical Connections: Activities Integrating Math and Science; Paperback; AIMS Education Foundation.  PRICE:  $5.00

175 More Science Experiments (to amuse and amaze your friends); Paperback; Cash, Parker, Taylor; Random House. PRICE: $2.00

The Glad Scientist Learns About the Weather (Ages 5-10); “Discovering the Creator Through Fantastically Fun Science Experiments;” Paperback; Karol Ladd.  PRICE: $2.50

The Glad Scientist Explores the Human Body (Ages 5-10); “Discovering the Creator Through Fantastically Fun Science Experiments;” Paperback; Karol Ladd.  PRICE: $2.50

~~~~~~Buy BOTH Glad Scientist Books for $4.00

Science Explorer: Astronomy; Hardback; Prentice Hall.  PRICE: $4.00

Science Explorer: Sound & Light; Hardback; Prentice Hall.  PRICE:  $4.00

Science Explorer:  Earth’s Changing Surface; Hardback; Prentice Hall.  PRICE:  $4.00

~~~~~~Buy ALL THREE Science Explorer Books for $10.00.(All 3 are School Textbooks with a Student’s Name on the Inside of the Front Cover.  Otherwise, they are LIKE NEW.)



What  Your 1st Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good First Grade Education; Hardback; E.D. Hirsch Jr.; Doubleday. PRICE:  $4.00

Every Child Can Succeed: Making the Most of Your Child’s Learning Style; Paperback; Cynthia Tobias; Tyndale House Publishers. PRICE: $2.00

Piggyback Songs in Praise of God: New Songs Sung to the Tune of Childhood Favorites; Paperback; Jean Warren; Totline.  PRICE: $2.00

Young Readers’ Atlas; Paperback; Jill & David Wright; Simon & Schuster.  PRICE: $3.00


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  1. Wendy T says:

    Having recently bought my son his first book, I can appreciate the cost and benefit of used books! Luckily, he was able to get one from a former classmate. This is only high school….I shudder to think of college.

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